“Met Vier in Bed” – “Four in Bed”
Let me first reassure you. This is not the “adults only” part of our website.

Much to our surprise, early 2013, we were contacted by Belgian commercial television with the question whether or not we wanted to participate in their program “Met Vier in Bed”. “Met Vier in Bed – Four in Bed” is a longstanding television program, in which tourism and a sort of competition are somewhat mingled. Indeed, in the program, owners of four holiday houses and/or B&Bs (I hope the title sounds somewhat more logical now …) spend a week together in discovering each other’s vacation home and exploring the delights and delicacies of the region. At the end of the week, the participants are asked to evaluate the holiday houses and B&Bs, the overall atmosphere, the surroundings and the quality of the region.

After some fair amount of hesitation (and Heidi and Krisje bailing out), Yvan and I decided to pick up the challenge and stepped in. It turned out to be a highly interesting and very intensive week, having camera crews following us from early morning until late night. But “Met Vier in Bed” was more than worth the experience. We did not only get the possibility to present our beloved “Casale Colline Dolci” and the Orvieto-region, we also discovered three other holiday gems and became true friends with our so-called competitors. “Four in Bed” turned out to be a true adventure.