Places to Visit

Casale Colline Dolci is the perfect place to go out and discover the treasures of central Italy, Sienna, Rome, Firenze, Assisi, Spoleto and Perugia, just to name a few.

But Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio also host less famous and well-known places, all by themselves splendid gems. Discover the “must do’s” of the region.

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Wine & Dine

The Tuscan and Umbrian cuisine are simply said world-famous. Wherever you go out for eating, you’ll never get disappointed, regardless whether you choose the simplest Trattoria in a small town or a top-class, three star restaurant. Just enjoy.

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Umbria and Tuscany are of course perfect spots for those who want to deeply relax and just lay back, and let’s be fair: why shouldn’t they?

Yet, the neighborhood of Casale Colline Dolci also offers perfect conditions for the most demanding sports lovers among us. Just try out the water sports varieties, cycling, mountain biking, hiking and horse riding, while enjoying the true taste of the central Italian countryside.

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