Around the House

To the west, the villa has a marvellous view on Allerona and its surroundings. Allerona is a delightful, typical small town atop of a hill and surrounded by medieval town walls. At night, the sight is breathtaking with the small lights of the town combined with hundreds of bright stars in the sky.

To the south, the view expands over a complex structure of land, hills, woods, sunflower fields and vineyards in a tapestry of splendid colours, ranging from sharp yellow over light olive-green to dark chestnut brown. The view goes on for miles and miles, taking you almost all the way to Orvieto 20 kilometres ahead, a splendid town with its unique location on top of a 200 metres high tufa rock and renowned for its magnificent gothic Cathedral, a true masterpiece of art.

To the north and the east of Casale Colline Dolci, the views are – simply said – spectacular. It is a picture book with, on one hand, a splendid view on the little hill town of Ficulle and on the other hand a magnificent sequence of somewhat steeper, partially eroded hills, resembling perfectly the admirable Creti Senesi, more to the north of Tuscany. The serenity of this view over the valley is so spectacular that you might just want to sit down to take it all in.