Sagra In Casa

Cooking lessons and exquisite dinners with Chef Simona

If you have become so thrilled with the Italian food that you absolutely want to try it out yourself, just join Simona and her splendid cooking sessions.

Simona is our neighbour in Allerona. Although originally from Rome, Simona moved to Allerona some 10 years ago, one of the reasons being that she wanted to live in Umbria, the heart of the slow food movement.

As Simona stated herself: “This is the region where wine and good food are an integral part of daily living and this is definitely the right place for me. My relationship with local producers has enabled me to nourish and nurture friends and family alike with delicious local cooking. This is now an experience you too can enjoy through Sagra in Casa.” (

Simona’s passion for genuine Italian food is something you will certainly discover during her cooking classes in which she uses only fresh and seasonal ingredients, taken directly from her vegetable garden, olive grove, vineyard and from local producers. Just join us and discover regional dishes, new creations as well as recipes passed on from generation to generation in Simona’s family.

Take fun in cooking and go to Simona’s Sagraincasa house. Even better so, simply have Simona come over and have your class directly in Casale Colline Dolci.

Besides Simona’s great cooking lessons, you can also simply ask her to come over and be your “chef in the house” for a night. Simona is without any doubt an exceptional chef and wine connoisseur (being a certified “sommelier”) and we love everything she prepares and puts on the table. Yet, the most fenomenal are without any doubt her “hors d’oeuvres”. Really cheer magic.

If you want to celebrate something special, fully enjoy splendid Italian food or go for an exquisite all-in dinner, the answer is just next door Casale Colline Dolci: Simona and her great Sagra in Casa.