Pizzeria Charlie

Although we already heard about Charlie’s the first time we visited Orvieto some 10 years ago, we only learned to appreciate it since the summer of 2013. Indeed, for one or the other reason, the name always kept us back, supposing that with such a name, Charlie’s would certainly be a “tourist trap”. In fact, the opposite is true. Charlie’s is a genuine Italian pizzeria and restaurant in all its dimensions, and as such frequented mostly by the Orvieto locals.

The pizzas at Charlie’s are in one word amazing but Charlie’s also serves some splendid other Italian food too, no worries. The price for the food is moderate and the service is great, authentic, warm and friendly. Yet, Charlie’s real “joker” is its outdoor courtyard. It is spacious yet cosy, lit by candles and as such a perfect place to spend a true Italian evening. Buon appetito.