Al Pozzo Etrusco da Giovanni

The full name of this fine restaurant is “Al Pozzo Etrusco – Da Giovanni”. And indeed, when walking up the Piazza de’Ranieri, where Al Pozzo Etrusco has its home, Giovanni is there to welcome you with open arms and a warm smile. The genuine friendliness of Giovanni and his team are only beaten by the quality of the food they serve. Indeed, it is not a surprise that Al Pozzo Etrusco is ranked high on all the Tripadvisor-alike comparison sites of this world.
Chefs Papa Mauro and Mamma Anna take a pleasure in spoiling you with the best of the local Umbrian kitchen. Al Pozzo Etrusco is specialized in delicious meat plates (beef filet, duck, lamb, pigeon, rabbit, wild boar stew, …), which often get a creative flavour thanks to the surprising sauces that come along. As a starter, we would certainly recommend the “Antipasto del Pozzo Etrustco”, a delightful combination of typical Umbrian, cold and warm, appetizers. But you certainly don’t want to miss out on the cheese fondue with fresh truffles. Although you would not expect this specialty to be served in Umbria, it certainly lives up to the expectations of the Swiss standard … and I should know … since I live in Switzerland …

The dishes are nicely presented, simple, seasonal and fully based on local traditions. Al Saltapicchio looks a bit wanna-be-fancy, but the food is really good. Just trust Valentina’s judgement and her kitchen.