Among the most beautiful small villages of Italy

Torre Alfina (TR) Umbria

Torre Alfina has been honoured with the title of being one of “i borghi i più belli d’Italia”. The heart of the village is a fine castle that once belonged to the Monaldeschi family and the Bourbon del Monte family before it was bought in the late 1880s by Edoardo Cahen, who was given the title Marquis of Torre Alfina.

The village of Torre Alfina overlooks the landscape and thanks to its strategic position, it has given rise to its most ancient tower (the Torre Alfina), which today is incorporated in the castle. With the expansion of the village, the original fortress was fortified with a second ring of walls made of bastions, walls of houses and many gateways.

The village itself has extraordinary views and two fine traditional restaurants. In addition, two small shops stocked with essentials, two cafes and the finest gelateria in the area are found along its cobblestone and children-safe streets. Traditional “sagre” (festivals) are held throughout the year, each having its own special processions, culinary and artistic offerings and celebrations.

As in the rest of Umbria and Tuscany, the food and wine of the Torre Alfina area are excellent, but here, already going back for decades, the typical product is home-made ice cream. During the low season the ice-cream makers carefully select the best ingredients, such as hazelnuts from Langhe, pistachios from Sicily and ricotta cheese from Lazio, and create an exceptionally creamy product, thanks to the high quality of the fresh milk and cream.

Today Torre Alfina is a village that flourishes exploiting its history and potential of clean air, greenery, cultural facilities and accommodation.