The most medieval of all Umbrian towns

Gubbio (PG) Umbria

Lying on the slopes of Monte Ingino, Gubbio is one of the most ancient towns of Umbria, extremely well preserved during centuries and rich of monuments testifying its glorious past.

Gubbio is without any doubt the most thoroughly medieval of all of the Umbrian towns. It is an immediately likeable place that has hung on to its charm despite all modern influences. The streets are picture-book pretty, with houses of rosy-pink stone and seas of orange-tiled roofs; the setting is equally gorgeous with the forest-clad mountains of the Apennines rearing up behind.

A broad and largely unspoilt plain stretches out in front of the town, and the whole ensemble – especially on grey, windswept days – maintains Gubbio’s tough, mountain outpost atmosphere. Gubbio is truly a town apart, not really part of Umbria, Tuscany or Marche – one reason it has been spared the onslaught of modernity.