A charming, quiet and safe place

Lago Trasimeno (PG) Umbria

Lago Trasimeno, Italy’s fourth-largest lake is another one of Umbria’s quiet jewels.

It is here that the traditions of the fishermen blend in with those of the farmers, where tracks and trails are sign-posted and easy to follow and where you will find unforgettable views of the Lake. From the lake’s waters rise three beautiful islands: Isla Maggiore, Isla Minore, and Isla Polvese and the sunsets at Lago Trasimeno will stay with you long after you have returned home.

Indeed, the harmonious coexistence of the green, gently sloping hills, typical of the Tuscan-Umbrian countryside, with the evocative panorama of the lake and ancient villages, containing a wealth of art and culture, have given this territory a particular charm. The picturesque, historical villages on Lake Trasimeno’s shores have greatly conserved their classic tranquillity, safety and pristine environment.

A perfect way to discover and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Lake Trasimeno is to simply go out on foot, on bicycle or on horse back. Learn more about how to follow the well-signed nature trails in our section “Activities”.

When viewing Lake Trasimeno from a distance, shimmering brightly in the sun, with mountains rising majestically in the background, a first-time visitor will very likely see the lake as a giant mirror reflecting beautiful mountains on the north and east sides and giving way to rolling hills on the west and south. It is indeed pure magic. The Alpine lakes of Italy are undeniably beautiful. But Lake Trasimeno is the true heart of Italy, not only geographically but also historically and culturally. Spend some time around Trasimeno and you will really get to know Italy.