L'Antica Rupe

Although we pretend to know Orvieto quite well by now, we only recently came across and discovered the delights of L’Antica Rupe. One would almost say it has been hidden on purpose, somewhere randomly in between Corso Cavour and the Piazza XXIX Marzo.

One of the best criteria for evaluating the quality of an Italian restaurant is the number of local people that come to have lunch or dinner. Measured against this standard, L’Antica Rupe scores among the best restaurants in the area (and rightfully so). You indeed rarely see non-locals there, which makes it different and more genuine than others.

L’Antica Rupe is a nice, well-maintained and neat place, with separate tables allowing quite some privacy for its guests. It is indeed cozy with a nice terrace overlooking the city of Orvieto. Above all, being a family-owned restaurant, the service is friendly, kind and personal.

But the real difference is made by Mamma Angela. Mama Angela is the passionate cook of L’Antica Rupe. She always uses fresh and typical local products to prepare her traditional recipes, containing all the fine tastes and flavors of Umbria and Orvieto. Truly delicious.